Diathermy is the only permanent removal of excessive hair from all areas of the Face and Body regardless of colour, strength, or cause.

Consultation for this treatment is paramount to understanding how the treatment works and the results that can be achieved .

Diathermy also treats Red Veins, Skin Tags, Warts and Milia.



Treatment Price Mins
Diathermy 1 Hrs €188 60
Diathermy 3 /4 Hrs €141 45
Diathermy 1/ 2 Hrs €94 30
Diathermy 1 /4 Hrs €47 15
Diathermy Consultation €30 15
Min Charge €36 10
Warts €125 15
Red Veins €150 15
Red Veins €300 30
Milia €60 15
Skin Tags €125
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