IPL / Laser Hair Reduction

Intense pulse light , IPL is a laser treatment. It is a new type of hair removal technology which utilises light to disable the cells within the hair folicle and to stop the hairs from growing back. this unique way of removing unwanted hair is quick easy and affordable. eye pulse is also used in the treatment of pigmentation, red veins, acne and photo rejuvination.

IPL Price List

All hair removal treatments at Rosanna Crothers Beauty Salon start from €50. Here is a list of our IPL hair removal services:

Full Face Full Legs
Half Face Half Legs
Chin Bikini Lane
Chest Bikini Lane Extended
Neck Feet
Shoulders Hands
Tummy Under Arm
Back Full Arm
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IPL Hair Removal

Other Facial Treatments with IPL

Treatment of Facial Pigmentation with IPL

Face Pigmentation

from €50

Fac and Neck Rejuvenation with IPL

Face & Neck Rejuvenation

from €50

Facial Acne Treatment with IPL

Full Face Acne

from €50

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