Red Vein Treatment

Red Veins are capillaries which have broken away from the main vein. The cause can be due to one or more elements namely: hereditary, excessive alcoho, roscea, injury to the tissue, high blood pressure, pressure during pregnancy , labour, allergies to protein and the use of skin care products which irritate the skin, over exposure to the wind and sun without proper protection, overuse of saunas, hot spicy foods, hot tea or coffee and smoking.

The treament is high frequency diathermy / vein wave. Diathermy is a very fine eletrode or needle through which the current passes and coagulates the blood within the vessels. Vein wave is a revolutionary technique developed by leading cardiovascular surgeons especially for the treament of red veins. It is unique in its use of microwave to heat the freckles resulting in their gradual dissapearance.


Treatment Price Mins
Short Session €150 15
Long Session €300 30
Diathermy Red Vein Removal

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